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Taylor Swift Talks New Album and The Lorax

Taylor Swift Talks "Amazing" Zac Efron and Decoding Her Song Lyrics

Taylor Swift makes her animated debut in the upcoming adaption of Dr. Seuss's The Lorax. She stars opposite Zac Efron's character in the colorful, 3D animated film. We sat down with Taylor recently during the LA junket, where she talked about her experience recording the movie and also what we can look forward to hearing on her next album. Check out our interview with Taylor and catch The Lorax in theaters on March 2.

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The fact that Zac can get his voice to sound like that is amazing. It's not hard to keep the secret on who the songs are about. Taylor congrats on the film. Oh thank you. This is your first animated film. And my first junket. And your first junket? That's even more exciting! So were you surprised at the process of recording a movie versus how you record eight songs? You know, it's, you're in a studio both situations but, you know, it's very different accessing the emotions of the past when you wrote a song. Like when you're singing a song for the first time and you're trying to get a recording of it that sounds the way that you felt when you wrote it. So, you're kinda going back in time to, when you were going through an awful breakup and crying and upset. But, you know, doing the animated voice-overs you're in your studio by yourself pretending you're having conversations with other people you are anticipating what their reactions are going to be and how you would react to those imaginary reactions. So you're creating this entire imaginary scenario in your head, which is a little bit of a different kind of brain exercise. But I really, I loved it and I was able to do this while I was on tour which was amazing. So I just go to a studio during the day and play a show at night. Nice! So you got do a little bit of both. It was wonderful. Ed sings and plays guitar in the film. Did you give him any advice? I did not give any advice to Ed Helmes but I, you know, I've never met him. Have you met him today? No, but I would love to. That would be awesome. I think he's fantastic and really fantastic in this movie. When I watched the movie I was, I felt so lucky to get to be a part of it because everyone in it is so good. The fact that Zac can get his voice to sound like that is amazing and, you know, Ed did such a great job with the music and, you know, I just felt like everyone really did an amazing job and I felt so lucky to be included in that. Talking about music you have a new album coming out. The new album is something I've been working on for the last year and a half and I never stopped thinking about it or writing for it and, you know, I'm really excited about it because it feels different and it's hard to explain how, but it just does feel different and I've gotten to work with some people that I really always wanted to work with and I just can't wait for people to hear it. I don't know when it's gonna come out or, you know, I'm still right now in the process of pairing down the songs that I'm in love with that are like 30 of them and I have to, you know, pair it down to 15 or so, so we'll see how that goes. Is it hard to keep a secret too about who some of your songs are about? No. It's not hard to keep a secret about who the songs are about because if I, all of a sudden just started telling people who my songs are about, like, you know, first of all everybody would then know and I'd just be mortified because everybody would actually know the truth. The only thing that ever happened in the past is people at like articles are always like speculating on who this person is about and they speculate so much that that becomes then you know like stated as a fact. which...and I've never actually confirmed whether or not a song is written about anyone in particular. So it's kind of the fun of it is that, you know, I write these very personal songs with lots of details on them but I kinda have my cards [xx] like a little bit because I haven't ever actually told.

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She's so cute and friendly! Taylor looks like a vintage Barbie when she looks down, because her lashes are so long and thick! Very cute interview
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