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Teri Likes Eva's Ex

Teri Likes Eva's Ex

The Desperate Housewives gathered together last night for the Cate Adair handbag launch, hosted by Etoile sparkling wine. Teri Hatcher seems to be missing from the event - could she be off with her new boyfriend? Turns out she's now dating Eva's ex, but don't look for a feud here. Eva has given Teri her blessing. Here's more:

Teri Hatcher confirms that she is dating Eva Longoria's ex-boyfriend, director Stephen Kay, in a story Extra is set to air Friday. The two met through a mutual friend.

And Longoria, who is currently in a relationship with basketball star Tony Parker, has given her Desperate Housewives costar her blessing. "Eva and Tony have never been happier together, and Eva wishes the same happiness for Teri," her publicist, Liza Anderson, said in a statement.

Longoria and Kay were linked in 2004, and he directed her in a television movie, The Dead Will Tell. His other directing credits include the horror flick Boogeyman and an episode of the television show Friday Night Lights.

More good news for DH - they helped ABC finish first in the 18-49 year-old group last night. More of a pregnant Marcia, Eva, Felicity and more so

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