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Tilda Swinton Talking About Parenting Video

Video: Tilda Swinton on "Taboo" Parenting Talk — It's All a "Crapshoot"

Tilda Swinton attended a special screening of We Need to Talk About Kevin on Thursday night and talked to us about the pitfalls of parenting. The Oscar winner and mother of twins said no mom or dad really knows what to do and that it's all just a "crapshoot." Hear more from Tilda about relating to her character in today's PopSugar Rush!

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"The truth is everyone who is a parent knows what people who are not a parent don't know, which is that parents don't know what we're doing. No one knows what they're doing, it might even be taboo to even say it." Tilda Swinton touched on what she considers a taboo topic at last night's special screening of "We Need to Talk About Kevin" in Beverly Hills. Tilda says moms and dads don't have all the answers and often learn as they go. Parenting is a big theme of the movie, which looks at the relationship of Tilda's character with her son Kevin, who commits a massacre at his high school. Mother of twins Ms. Swinton told us that despite the dark and difficult subject matter, she does relate to the parent she plays. You don't have to go through a nightmare experience like the woman in this story does to know it's all kind of a crapshoot." "Tilda's performance is already garnering award season buzz, but director Lynne Ramsey said she had some reservations about casting her in the role." "First I thought she was very beautiful, too beautiful." Tilda fan and stylist Brad Goreski agreed wholeheartedly. "She can really do no wrong, and her W magazine spread is one of my favorite of the year." We spotted Natasha Lyonne, Marilyn Manson, and Seth Rogen arriving to watch the drama-thriller, and we asked Seth if he'd consider doing another drama of his own after seeing the success of 50/50. "Yeah I'm not against it, I'm not actively seeking it, but I am open to it." We Need to Talk About Kevin comes out in January of next year.

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