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Tom Hanks at the Palm Springs Film Festival

Video: Tom Hanks Is "Swinging" Into 2012 After Working With Sandra Bullock

Tom Hanks was in a celebratory mood on his way inside the Palm Springs Film Festival tonight to present an award. Tom told reporters he felt "pretty swinging" about the evening as well as about 2012 in general, which will see the premiere of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, a movie he filmed with Sandra Bullock. Watch Tom's full red carpet chat now!

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Great pretty swinging? What are you excited to do tonight... the event tonight? I hear they're giving away a free dinner audience so I'm an actor. When they're giving away free food, I show up. I get to present an award to Stephen Daldry, who was our boss on Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, so it's not like working. What was it like getting to work with Sandra, your best friend? Well, you know, I was only in the movie for about three days with Sandy, so I think she was just kind of folding laundry in the background of the shots that I was in. I actually had to see the movie again to find out if we were actually in the movie at the same time. And what are your goals for 2012? My goals for 2012? It's peace, love and understanding. Good luck with that.

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