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Tony Hale Veep Interview

Video: Tony Hale Talks Veep and HBO's Racy Scenes

Tony Hale is currently starring as the very funny, slightly codependent Gary on HBO's Veep, opposite Julia Louis-Dreyfus. I recently sat down with him in NYC to chat about the hit show's second season pickup and his concerns about whether or not he'll have to strip down for the notoriously racy network. Check it out and stay tuned for part two of this interview, where I get him to spill about the upcoming Arrested Development movie!

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Do you want me to get naked? And I would say no. His identity is pretty much her. So, the thought of him leaving her would be just like him killing himself. I'm Maggie Pehanik. I'm Hey, Maggie. Hey, Tony. Nice to meet you. I'm with BuzzSugar, and Tony Hale who is currently starring on Veep on HBO. Yes, yes. So congratulations on the season two pickup. It's very exciting. Thanks, Maggie. Very exciting. Very thankful for the job. Yes, well, why don't you tell us a little bit about the show, about your character Gary. Sure. Okay. The show is Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays the vice president of the United States. She's fantastic, and I play a guy named Gary, who's her body man. Okay. And I'm kind of a personal aide. I carry around this very large bag, and I Just give her what she needs, it could be shoes, Kleenex, Xanax, whatever she might need for the day. Full of important things. Yeah. I got like 60 pockets in my bag. I'm ready. Gary just worships Selina. He's a great character. His identity is pretty much her. So the thought of him leaving her would just be like him killing himself. Right . Because he just doesn't understand his life without her. Right. So we know that HBO is kind of known for racy. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Are you worried. A racy guy? Well, are you worried that you might have to get naked, like all out your blood or something? Yeah, I've been asked that question, and my response is, "Do you want me to naked?" And I would say, "No". Well, we're not saying a preference, I was asking if that was a concern that was brought up. No, I, no, I don't see, I don't think that would ever be an issue for Gary, but I don't know. You never know with HBO. Yeah. I mean Game of Thrones throws it around a lot, so I don't see it happening. Maybe. Maybe there's be like a really heightened sex episode.

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