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Victoria Beckham Loves Fifty Shades of Grey (Video)

Video: Victoria Beckham Gave Her Mom Fifty Shades of Grey

Victoria Beckham reveals her love for Fifty Shades of Grey in Glamour's September issue, which is out on newsstands and online on Aug. 7. In today's PopSugar Rush, find out how Victoria Beckham reacted when her mom started reading the racy series, too!

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Hi I'm Allie Merriam. Victoria Beckham reveals a love for Fifty Shades of Grey in Glamour in today's PopSugar Rush. Find out how she reacted when her mom started reading the racy series too. Victoria Beckham both co-edits and covers Glamour's September issue. Inside the magazine, she revealed herself to be a pretty big Fifty Shades of Grey fan. She said, "I'm halfway through the second one, I even bought my mom the book." So every time she tries to engage in conversation about it, I kind of dodged the subject. "I don't really wanna talk to my mother about S&M." And who can blame her for that. Inside the magazine, we get a look at Victoria in the tub, at her desk, and even in the kitchen. It was a case of art imitating life since Victoria told Glamour she loves to cook for her kids. Do my children like my cooking? They try. They always say that they know that Mommy's put love into the ingredients. Maybe that's their way of saying it's really rubbish, but at least they tried Family was a big theme for Victoria in the issue. She also mentioned that she loved having her husband David at her "Victoria Beckham Collection" fashion show last year, because she needed a support of cuddle. Lucky girl. Victoria returned the favor for David during the Olympics. She, David and their daughter, Harper lunched together in London last week, just one day before he drove the Olympic flame to the opening ceremonies on Friday. We're hoping to see a whole lot more of the Beckhams during the Olympics, including a rumored reunion performance for Victoria and the Spice Girls during the closing ceremonies. Her Glamour issue will be available electronically and on news stands August 7th, and to see the whole video of Victoria behind the scenes at her Glamour shoot, check out I'm Allie Merriam,. Thanks for watching PopSugar Rush.

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