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Haters Haters 5 years
Whatever haters...stop being so is good. Nobody and I mean nobody in their mind is saying "poor Brad". Grow up, Brad is having the time of his life...making good movies and has a beautiful family to go home to...Brad is da man period! Please stop comparing the tv Friends girl to this movie's not funny. BTW, I take Angie's body anyday...I wish I was naturally thin...I have to work hard at it. Angie's face is to die for...she has the most compelling and beautiful face in hollywood and she is known for that.
rihannafan rihannafan 5 years
Let's all imagine if the so perfect jennifer aniston would look as good as angelina if she had had 3 kids biologically and 3 adpoted! She'll be huge let's be real she is not even naturally skinny (remember friends) she is the kind of woman who will always have to have a strict diet unlike angelina who can have 10 kids and not gain a pound. Tyhen, that's maybe the reason why brad left her, being obessed by her looks and her weight. Any real man will get sick of it! ANGELINA may not have the best body in Hollywood but at least she has real conversations and talks about issues that paople care about. Oh btw she is not the only one who talks about her kids and her parthenr, that's what evry mom and wife likes to talk about all day long. And let's be frank here, tha reason why there is no other celebrity asked about he family is because nobody gives a shit about their families. Whether we like it or not angalina and brad are the most talked about famous family in the world
Haters Haters 5 years
Stop being so bitter haters. Her family should know her well and that's what she is saying. So by saying that she is exploiting her family to sell a movie...???this is really silly and bitter. If you don't like her...that's fine...come out and say it and stop being so bitter. It's not good for your health. I prefer celebrity like Angie...she is doing something good with refugees for so long (since 2001/2002). At least she is doing something good for society. What have you done lately to help your community except making judgement on this movie star? BTW, she can sell a movie on her own merit ...which is acting period! She doesn't take off her clothes to sell a movie. Yes, she is the highest paid actress per film...a true movie star!
babaloo babaloo 5 years
This woman is in decline. I hate to invoke the Aniston/Jolie comparisons but physically Aniston has flourished since the Pitt debacle. Jolie, not so much. Superficially speaking of course. I think at the time when Pitt left Aniston, Jolie seemed a sexy, dangerous and fun person to be with. Aniston was probably clingy and not very sexy to be with. I wonder what he really thinks now? Jolie seems to be a freak and high maintenance while Aniston seems to have gotten herself together emotionally and physically is incredible. Then again Jolie's responsibilities over the last 5 years or whatever has changed from femme fetale sex symbol to mother and wife. Big difference.
Julieviggo Julieviggo 5 years
Unfortunately for them, I bet they do.
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