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Video: Chris O'Dowd Sapphires Interview

Chris O'Dowd on Moving Past Bridesmaids and Planning His Own Wedding

Chris O'Dowd is a familiar face to many after his megahit from 2011, Bridesmaids, and his UK series The IT Crowd. He had plenty of options in terms of films to make following Bridesmaids, and he chose to work with an unknown Australian filmmaker on what is now the Cannes hit The Sapphires. The Weinstein Company picked up rights to distribute the feel-good comedy, so audiences across the country will be able to see Chris's latest when it comes out later in 2012. We caught up with Chris and director Wayne Blair last week at the Cannes Film Festival, and both guys chatted about the process of making The Sapphires. Chris, who's marrying UK TV presenter Dawn Porter this Summer, also dished about the crazy process of planning his very own wedding.

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you're gonna get mob from those countries watching a story with this Irish guy and four black women from Australia? Hello. I like that. That makes me smile. We were seeing an area through a lot of late nights and early mornings and even though I look amazing, I smell like death. Well, in the movie, there are some pretty serious themes, you know, racism, war. But, it's also funny. So was that a hard balance to strike? I think he's sort of just wanna get a time right. And I think when I met Chris, in all honesty, when I did meet Chris or spoke to Chris three or four times on the phone while he was traveling for when, you know, the Bridesmaids thing was happening and he just he would take my calls. I felt that when he came on board it just took another step then. And because originally it was going to be an English character. And then when I met Chris, the Irish sort of sensibility just came out. I mean just meet him, it can't help but come out. and we just went with that then. So there was a lot of instinctual sort of things that you do as a director I suppose, and Keith and Tony were so supportive, and it just sort of happened. So, we bled all his stuff into the script, which is great. Now you were here Ken, getting financing two years ago. Did you ever imagine that you would bring the film back and also have it be so warmly received. What's it like having a movie that people are raving about? It's lovely. It's a full cycle; not that's just joking. No, it's seriously, it is a good feeling. I mean, the main thing is you wanna tell a story, right? You wanna tell a story and I can share it with you two people. But when you can tell it and people in Holland are buying it or people in Korea are buying it. And of course the States and of course the UK and of course Canada, but when I hear about those little small countries like Portugual. I suppose Israel's great. But Holland, Korea, all these other countries. That's special, you know? You're gonna get mobbed from those countries watching a story with this Irish guy and four black women from Australia, hello. I like that, that makes me smile. And how's Cannes treating you so far? It's it's been damp but delightful. You know, like we were saying earlier, it's a lot of late nights and early mornings. And even though I look amazing. I smell like death. Even though it's a pretty wet Cannes, have you guys had any moments yet where you're like, "Pinch me, I'm at Cannes." Yeah, I mean, that's big thing here. Like, people just go around pinching each other. I don't know whether it's a sexual thing or what's going down. But it's been. Yeah, going up the red carpet at the party was really something. I think we're in a first with Chris and Deb Marmon who plays Gar in the film. And that was a special feeling. Well, the three of us were a little bit speechless, a little bit bright together on. Come on Wayne, relax, relax. And I just want to do all those - does Alec Baldwin go through that? Does Brad Pitt go through that? Anyway, it happened to me, and that was a special moment walking up that carpet. So, I would imagine a lot has changed for you ever since the success of Bridesmaids? Do you feel that in your career? How could you describe the after effects of that movie? Yeah, I mean, it's been. Yeah, it's definitely been a big change and It's been a lot of fun. I'm very lucky in that I could have easily got recognition for just a big action movie that I really had no feeling for. But I loved the film so the fact that people know me from it is very pleasing. And obviously it's led to other things. I was looking that this film kind of came along when it did because after Bridesmaids and the success that it had and stuff I started getting offered a lot of things but they were mostly like poor versions of Bridesmaids you know, a lot of mediocre rom com scripts kind of came in and I was very conscious of I need to just go and do something totally different. So in Australia kind of fit the bill perfectly. Yeah. And now what is next for you? Well, I did another film with Judd Apatow that will be out at the end of the year called This is Forty and I'm about to start shooting a salsa dancing comedy with Nick Frost. So really fun stuff. And also a TV show in the mix? That's right, I wrote a TV show which I'm just finishing off the edit for now, which will be on TV in September. and I'm writing the second series for it as we speak. Yeah. And also I know on a personal note, you have a wedding coming. Yeah. Which I do to so I'm very excited. So, have you been involved in the planning? She won't let me see anything. No, have you started doing the tasting things yet? Oh, it's so fun. Yeah. Tasting, I'm kind of bloated here for wines is kind of what I feel like what I was born for. Yeah. So I'm really enjoying it. I think it would be a good racket if you just went into tastings. We were saying that afterwards, why don't you just say, get up there, you don't have to pay anything for ages. Yeah. So I'm like, yeah, let's just pretend every couple of years that we're getting married

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