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Ed Westwick on Being Different From Chuck Bass: "I Wouldn't Chase a Girl For That Long"

We caught up with Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick last week during the TCAs in LA. He divulged a bit about the show's return to the CW with new episodes this year, and things kick off tonight when viewers find out what happened following his character Chuck Bass's car crash at the end of 2011. Ed also talked about life, shooting in NYC, his style, and the band he loves most right now. He's got high hopes for his J. Edgar costar Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscars chances and is looking forward to making a Romeo and Juliet movie with Hailee Steinfeld later this Winter. There was a lot to catch up on with Ed — check out what he told us!

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Blair looks fantastic in this dress, it's quite breath-taking. It is a story that every generation deserves to hear. You're in the middle of the fifth season of Gossip Girl. How do you keep your energy up, doing a character for five years?. I think when you live in New York and you are fortunate enough to be involved in a production that shoots in New York, I think that's a huge motivational factor, you know. I mean. the city's so energetic, hectic in fact you know, and that just keeps you going, you know, you're in the race. It's great fun, you know, it's a great group of people. It's witty, it's funny. We get to dress up in some of the finest clothes on TV. It's not ever seen in anything. So, all of those reasons are, you know, positives and help to make the sometimes long days seem pretty light. And at the end of of last year, there was sort of a cliffhanger episode and your character Chuck is involved in a love triangle with Blair and her prince, so can you say anything about what we can expect when the season picks up? Well, there was a car accident. I survived the car accident, which is a good thing. And then, you know, we have a hundredth episode coming up, which is a great achievement, and is a royal wedding. You know what that means for my character who it is very painstaking for it, to watch the love of his life walk down the aisle with another man. So there's all of that coming up. And with the royal wedding coming up, clearly you're their resident Brit. So did you have any expertise to share in terms of recently been to your own country's royal wedding? Oh, yeah. well, I mean I wasn't at that royal wedding, so I can't really speak from personal experience, I was like the other millions watching it closely on television. Billions. Billions, in fact, there you go, but no, I mean, I think we do it pretty nicely. Uh-huh. Leighton looks, Blair looks fantastic in this dress, it's quite breathtaking. The church where we shoot is amazing too. So, I think it could give quite a few girls out there some ideas. What's the most fun part about playing a guy like Chuck Bass? I think the whole thing is fun. You know, I mean intelligent character whose got great wit, some of the one liners though I've dropped, you know, when I still think about then they still make me smile. You know, I occasionally get to kiss a really nice looking girl. So not a bad day on the job? Not bad. What's your favorite one-liner if you had to pick one? There was this one one scene where he's talking to this girl who's in one of the apartments, and she's never met him before, and surprised to see him. And she says, oh my god, you're Chuck Bass you're like the devil or something, and he says finally some truth in advertising. I thought that was kind of clever. The show is associated with New York, and you live in New York, so do people often confuse you with Chuck Bass? Yeah, but I mean once people speak to me they say I'm very, very different I know I am, hugely different I, wouldn't chase a girl for that long. You also were in Jay Edgar this year. So, what was it like working with Leonardo DiCaprio? For me it was a dream come true. Leonardo DiCaprio goes with amazing talent, as you all know. Fingers crossed that he deservedly gets the Oscar for Best Actor this year. So for me, it was exactly the kind of production I wanted to be involved in, so moving in the right direction. What else is coming up for you big-screen-wise? I know you've been attached to a Romeo and Juliet product for a while. Yes. So like, finally we're going to do that at the end of February in Verona and in Rome in Italy. Haley Steinfeld playing Juliet, who we all know from True Grit. An amazing young actress and I'm sure she'll be incredible in the role of Juliet and bring something fresh for this generation and I think it is a story that every generation deserves to hear. So, it's a privilege to be involved in that and an honor to be doing Shakespeare. And you're known as a stylish guy independent of Gossip Girl, how would you describe your approach towards dressing. It depends on how I'm feeling that day. If I want to, kind of, go more extravagant, then I will hide away, I'll put a one deal on and throw my hood up. You're also known as a guy who's really into music, so what bands are you really liking right now? I'm listening constantly still to the Rolling Stones and to my friend's band, called Peanut Butter Lovesicle, who were on Gossip Girl, who were really, really amazing

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