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Video: Emily Watson and Jeremy Irvine on Spielberg War Horse

War Horse Rising Star Jeremy Irvine Has His Friends' Help Staying Grounded

Jeremy Irvine and Emily Watson play a mother and son in Steven Spielberg's War Horse, which opens Dec. 25. It was actually Jeremy's first-ever film role, and he learned that he nabbed the part in a situation only Spielberg could have masterminded. Now Jeremy's being hailed as a star to watch, with films like Now Is Good, opposite Dakota Fanning, and Colin Firth's The Railway Man on his resumé. Nonetheless, Jeremy's friends are there to assist in keeping his feet on the ground, helpfully reminding him, "Yeah, but you're not a paramedic." Find out more about Jeremy and Emily's work with Steven below!

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he's like a horse whisperer. He coaches you as you go along during a take. Which is very bizarre at first, and actually really rather lovely. I was playing a tree the time. With no lights. this movie started as a book, and then became a play, and then finally became a movie, where you familiar with the story before you accepted the role? yes, very much so. I'd seen the play in London, and I was six months pregnant when I saw it eight months pregnant. And after about 10 seconds I turned to my husband and said, "I don't think I can sit through this. It's too must know. opens up about eight till nine, I think. So, it's. You're very young and it's, you know, I think at any age you know, I would appreciate how it must feels to have, you know, your best childhood friend being an animal. Your best friend or a brother or a sister what is like to have that taken away from you, you know. Steven Spielberg was obviously one of the few people who could probably adapt such an epic piece of work into the film. What was your reaction when you guys found out you had a part in a Steven Spielberg movie? Well, I still haven't, it's still not real to me. I don't know when it'll sink in, probably years from now. But at no point did I ever imagine I'd get the role. I had no real proper acting experience, apart from a bit of theater, and I was playing a tree at the time, in a stage show, you know, with no lines. So, to go from no lines to something, to be part of what is fast becoming quite a big part of our culture wars, I think back home especially, it's just, gosh, it's just such a privilege, you know. Oh, and I've worked. I've done quite a few movies in my time, but that was a good day, when I got that phone call, that was a good day. And I've read that actually when you found out you got the part, it was under an interesting circumstance. Can you tell me about that? Yea. No, I was I was having this issue for about 2 months. So, by the time I got a phone call one day, saying how Steven Spielberg wants to hear your accent again, you rush into London. So, I came to London, got in front of the cameras. My agent Sol Fisher said, look, they want to to be spontaneous. So, we're gonna give you a script. But don't tell Irvine to first action. Fine. What happened? Whatever Steve wants. You know obviously. So you know, the made some fake script War Horse. And I start reading and I go, "Joey. Joey. Steven Spielberg wants me to play Albert in the feature film of War Horse." And just about then I kind of realized. And, you know, they've got the whole thing on tape. So, yeah, it was cool. With this part of course a lot of people are tipping you as the next big thing, you know, great actor to keep an eye on. Is that a lot of pressure for you, how do you feel about that? My friends kind of would think it's still a bit silly being an actor. And rightly so, you know, it's kind of a ridiculous thing that you're doing. You know, I'm just amazed on being to do my hobby as a job. Whenever I come home and on break. Oh, my God. You have. I'm just mad. I'm just mad. This and I've actually this guy. Yeah, but you're not having today

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