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Video: Miranda Kerr's Beauty Tips

Miranda Kerr Talks "Small Changes" We All Can Make Ahead of Tonight's Earth Hour

Miranda Kerr swung by our LA studios earlier this week to chat about the new Victoria's Secret swim collection. The supermodel also spoke about her jet-setting lifestyle, sharing the beauty tips that keep her looking gorgeous despite the rigors of such an intense schedule. Miranda will break from the travel this evening, though, when she forgoes lights for 60 minutes in honor of Earth Hour. She spoke about making the small sacrifice in honor of the environment, saying, "We can all make small changes, and collectively that will make a big difference to the world that we live in. You might as well make the changes that we can, and do the best that we can. For me I like to offset my miles. I make sure I do that."

Miranda issued a personal challenge on behalf of the event. She'll conduct a free yoga class if 500 people upload a special challenge to YouTube. Earth Hour takes place this evening at 8:30 p.m.

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All right. So I'm here with Miranda Kerr, and Victoria's Secret has their amazing new swim collection out, so tell me about the inspiration for it. The inspiration is, well, the collection is inspired by of Brazil. So, there's so many beautiful, bright neons, and lots of cool patterns, and it's just a really beautiful collection. What are some of your favorite pieces and styles and colors from the collection. Oh, there's so many to choose from. We have beautiful bandeaus, halters. We have gorgeous push-up which is a new style this season. And then you can also go to, and you can go to this thing called the bikini mixer, and you can mix and match different sizes, you know if you have a bigger top and a smaller bottom or vice-versa, and you can mix and match different prints as well, and colors. I love that. It's a lot of fun What colors and prints do you like to mix and match 'cause you've got a great personal style on your own. Well, it's good to just kind of keep it fun and flirty and I mean I'm really loving this color at the moment. So, I've got a Victoria's Secret bikini like this in a halter top andI like to get a little bit of a push-up as well. Definitely. For girls who are trying to find the perfect swimsuit for their body shape, what are some of your tips for that? Well, you can go into the Victoria's Secret store, and you can actually, you know, work with a specialist and they will tell you what's good for your body shape. Now, bikini season is almost here, and you obviously have an amazing figure. What are some of your tips to getting in bikini shape? I mean I've recently started, since I had the baby, doing Pilates and I love doing Pilates because I find that it really gives you that core strength that you need. And it really helped me with my back as well. So, I do Pilates at least three times a week, then I have my yoga routine that I do almost every day, and then you know coming out for the summer, I like to do a few more squats. Now, one of the things I think is really hard when it comes to swimwear is the cover-up. You know, you don't want to look too dressed up. You want to be polished, and still look cute by the pool. What are your cover-up tips? Well, Victoria's Secret has so many great cover-ups like a little more sheer cover up or if you want a sexy crochet cover up. Are you a fan of jewelry by the pool? Yes or no for you? Yes, I am. You do have to mix it up though because you don't want to be getting any tan lines with the jewelry, but little fine jewelry this is really sexy for, you know, swimwear and things that are delicate are fine and good. So, tell me a little bit about your daily beauty routine? Well for me, now being a mother I don't have as much time to kind of bend on my skin, you know, but the thing is I've got my skin and hair line. And what I like to do is, at a minimum is a three-step, you know, cleanse, tone and moisturize. And we have products for different skin types at KORA Organic. So, you can go to KoraOrganic. com whether you have dry skin or oily skin or combination skin we have it all there, everything you need then. You traveled the world and I feel like you've been, you're born in Australia, you traveled for modeling. Are there any beauty tricks that you've learned along the way from makeup artists or cultures? Yeah there's been a lot of different beauty tricks. If you know, to give yourself a little bit of a glow, you can put a little bit of lip balm around here so it just Brightens Brightens a little bit. I've had my eyelashes curled with a spoon. With what? With a spoon if you don't have an eyelash curler. Guess times call for desperate measures. Yeah, and then body brushing is also a really good body knack of tip. It keep the lymphatic system flowing and. What exactly is that? So it's a dry brush. Okay. You can get it, you know, from the health food store, and you brush your body with it. The last thing I want to ask you about is Earth Hour. That's set up to be on March 31st Yes. And you are all about eco-friendly, eco-conscious. So tell me about that and the free yoga class that you're doing. Well, the thing is I think that, you know, we can all make small changes and collectively that would make a big difference to the world that we live in. And we might as well make the changes that we can and do the best that we can. And for me, I like to offset my miles and I make sure that I do that, and then recycling and, you know, even just making sure that dishwasher is full before you put it on. Just small things like that. Taking shorter showers. Using the water when you brush your teeth. Exactly. Just small things like that that we can all do will really make a big difference to our environment. Earth Hour is the 31st at 8:30 PM and you know, I'm going to be turning my lights off for the hour and I'm going to be having a candlelit dinner with some friends. I love that! And you know, we might be doing a bit of chanting as well to get us through the hour and it'll be fun and it's a nice, perfect time for earth as well. Can I take you back into that, what people should doing and kind of just enjoying each others company and having a beautiful candlelit dinner? Yeah. Exactly, right? I love that. You're having a free yoga class too, right? I'm doing a free yoga class, yes. So what I did is, I said, you know because everyone was doing these crazy "I will if you will" videos, and I said, well, I'll conduct a free yoga class if you upload 500 people, upload their "I will if you will" challenges. So, it encourages people to, you know, get involved and it's a fun way for people to get involved in the environment and so while we we're conducting that yoga class in Sydney for two hundred people. Lovely! I don't know, we haven't set an exact date yet, so, we'll keep you. I love that. What is your favorite "I will if you will" video? Oh, my goodness, there were so many crazy ones. Everything from like a guy saying he was going to play the piano for eight hours straight. Wow. To these other fine men saying we're going to, like, scale this building. I mean It's pretty crazy when you think that people will, you know, do it.

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