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Video: Tom Hiddleston and Toby Kebbell on Spielberg Roles

How War Horse's Tom Hiddleston, Toby Kebbell, and Patrick Kennedy Celebrated Nabbing Spielberg Roles

Steven Spielberg's War Horse is getting lots of award season buzz ahead of its Dec. 25 release, but his cast of hot British actors should be getting equal press! We sat down with three of Steven's male stars, Tom Hiddleston, Patrick Kennedy, and Toby Kebbell, at the recent NY junket. The guys could be familiar faces already. Tom starred in both Midnight in Paris and Thor, and Patrick earned UK fame in the BBC's most recent adaptation of Dickens's Bleak House. Toby, meanwhile, had roles in Rocknrolla and Prince of Persia. None of that previous experience prepared the guys to land a role in a Spielberg film — find out what crazy things they did when they got the excellent news!

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You just have to hope that the work is touching people. It's just an honor to be in one of those that will be watched by so many. This is obviously one of the most anticipated movies of the year, so I'm curious as actors promoting the film what's it like talking about a movie when there's so much buzz about award season nominations Steven Spielberg. It's exciting, it's exciting that people like the film. I mean, I thought we've all been in experiences where no one likes the film. It's nice to be in something that is being enjoyed and it appeals to people, it touches people. You can never second guess all these things that people give out, prizes and awards, and you just have to hope that the the work ultimately is touching people, and I'm proud to hear that it is so far. Yeah. I mean, films for me have always it's been that thing that I do when I'm at home and I get to watch a film by myself or with someone I enjoy spending time with, and it's just an honor to be in one of those that will be watched by so many, and possibly after we're gone. I'm excited to be in such a big screen spectacle. I mean, it is a film you've just got to see in a cinema, and I don't think I've been in a lot of films like that and it's an epic film. Yeah. It's big picture material. It's pretty exciting to be in a Steven Spielberg movie. Yes, it is. Yes. So what did you guys do when you found out you got the role? I went out riding and broke my arm. I bought a gold watch. No, I didn't. I was excited just, you know, it's enough. There's nothing you have to go and do just it's enough to know that you've been given the opportunity. But it's so nice because you're then terrified and it's, you're like, "God, I still have to do this thing" and "Oh, I've done it" and "God, it still has to be a film." You know, and so I don't think it can ever be viewed by us with any sort of sense of intelligence. I had this strange experience, the amazing experience, of sitting in his office to meet him for the first time. And after about 40 minutes as he said, "Well, I'd like you to do it." And honestly, I nearly fell off my chair and had to ask him to repeat it. And then I drove back to my rented place in Venice in LA. I think I went for a run along the beach. The real live guys in this movie, obviously I'm wondering what it was like on set. A lot, too many. Was it super intense? Or at the end of the day did you kind of hang out and have fun. We just basically, like moth to flame. We were hanging around Mr. Spielberg... Yeah. a lot, and trying to, like, impress him. This is obviously a very anticipated movie for Christmas, so what do you guys want for Christmas? Is anyone going to say her?

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