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No Visitation Rights for Britney Spears

Britney Not Granted Visitation Rights Yet

After spending much of the morning and early afternoon in court trying to figure out details of visitation, Britney and Kevin's lawyers could not come to an agreement. This means that Britney will continue not to be able to see her kids for the time being, but at least Kevin has made it clear through Mark Vincent Kaplan that he wants Brit to be in Sean Preston and Jayden James' life very much. For whatever reason they just couldn't figure out a time, place and monitoring system that works for everyone. Britney also has a new lawyer, Stacy Phillips, after Trope & Trope was finally allowed to leave. While Britney hasn't seen her boys in about six weeks, there are a number of hearings scheduled for the coming weeks, so it sounds like it won't be too much longer until she is allowed monitored visitation.


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