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WTEWYE Director Kirk Jones Interview (Video)

What to Expect When You're Expecting Director Kirk Jones Reveals J Lo's Big "Challenge" on the Film

Director Kirk Jones took on a major cast and a big responsibility with What to Expect When You're Expecting. When we spoke with him at a recent press day for the film, he told us he wanted the movie to reflect the sometimes "hilarious" and sometimes "traumatic" experience of pregnancy, and not only for women — for men, too. With a cast led by superstars including Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz, Kirk also told us he originally "underestimated" how personal the film was to many of the actors, and revealed one of Jennifer's biggest challenges when it came to taking on her role. Check out our interview, catch What to Expect When You're Expecting in theaters tomorrow, and don't forget to watch our latest I'm a Huge Fan episodes featuring J Lo herself!

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It reminded me how incredibly funny and hilarious pregnancy can be for both partners, but it can also be incredibly emotionally engaging and try to make him scary and frightening. Jennifer, for example, has children of her, but I think really enjoyed the challenge it or putting themselves in a position of not being able to have children as well. Has to deal with. So you're the man who's directing a movie about an experience, pregnancy, that you'll never have. Were there ways that it was a challenge but other ways that you thought it may be weren't a fresh perspective to the topic. There was never actually can't they do as far as I know. I do have three children of my own. So, I felt like I've been through apart from the adoption, you know which is featured within the movie, I feel like I've been through pretty much everything else that was connected to the story and It reminded me how incredibly funny and hilarious pregnancy can be for both partners. But it can also be incredibly emotionally engaging, and traumatic, and tragic and scary and frightening, and those are all qualities that I kind of really like to include in my films. So, I hadn't carried a baby myself, but I felt like I'd been, I'd witnessed everything that there was to witness at close hand. And there is a good balance between the women's perspective and the men's in this film too. I was really keen and I know the writers right from the start to include guys in this experience. I feel like I've seen a lot of movies over the years which focused predominantly on women and how they experience pregnancy and I thought now hang on a minute. This is a two hand, this is about the guys and the girls, and I think there was probably twice as much comedy an emotion to be mind from the guys as there was to the girls. Because as you expect it, people after Nick ignore guys in the process of pregnancy. When you were doing research and reading some past editions of the book and all the pregnancy advice out there, was there something really outdated or kind of ridiculous that you came across. I think in general, pregnancy, the complications and the challenges haven't really changed over the years. I didn't spend too much time going back into the other versions of What To Expect When You're Expecting, but I did kind of draw my own experiences. I was also really keen as well to make sure the book, the film truthfully reflected everything that was in the book. I knew Sure. Heidi and Eric Murkoff had spent a long time and a lot of their life was invested in the book itself. So I didn't want to put anything in the movie which they weren't comfortable with. Now, you have an amazing cast in this film held by Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz. So what sort of insights did they bring to the script or to moments in the film as women, and Jennifer as a mom? I think was what I completely underestimated when I approached these actors for the role is how much their own experience had played in making them decide to do this movie. Jennifer, for example, has children of her own and she was able to draw on those emotions and her life experience with her own children, but I think really enjoyed the challenge of putting herself in a position of not being able to have children, which is what her character has to deal with. So she's blessed to have grandchildren, but I think the challenge for her was imagining what it would be like not to have grandchildren. and how she would overcome those challenges. You know Cameron doesn't have any children yet; maybe she will, maybe she won't. But I think the challenge for her was to put herself inside the head of a character who is about to have a baby and who is going through all the physical challenges that that brings.

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