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Want to Laugh At Me? Who Should I Be For Halloween?

It's time for the second annual Make An Ass Out of Me Halloween bonanza! I asked for some help on Team (explained the history and showed off the super embarrassing video of my Britney/Matt Lauer reenactment), but now I'm coming to all of you. Fab's costume ideas are absolutely fantastic, but I'm all about looking like an idiot. Also, dressing like people you have to be a celebrity gossip aficionado to recognize. For example, I'm throwing out Violet Affleck and her Crocs, half Pete/half Ashlee and Kanye's Ego (dressing as a concept is always fun) as ideas, but I'm sure you've got better ones. Let me know in the comments and I'll run a little poll on Monday. That'll give me two days to get the oufit and make a fool out of myself. Happy Halloween! Thanks in advance for the help!

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