What to Tivo: Saturday

  • NBC has Dateline and The Italian Job
  • ABC has a repeat of Celebrity Debut and then Practical Magic
  • CBS has repeats of NCIS, Close to Home and 48 Hours Mystery
  • FOX has back to back repeats of Cops and then is new with America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back
  • TLC is all new with Property Ladder and Trading Spaces and then has a repeat Trading Spaces
  • FX has Secret Window and a repeat Nip/Tuck
  • VH1 has Billy Elliot
  • E! is all repeats with Forbes Celebrity 100: Who Made Bank
  • MTV has The Hills marathon
  • BRAVO has The Lost Boys
  • USA has Bad Boys II with Will Smith
  • Late night highlights include a repeat Saturday Night Live on NBC with host Steve Carell and musical guest Kanye West