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What We Learned From Our Favorite Summer Road Trip Movies

PopSugar Summer School — Lessons From Our Favorite Road Trip Movies!

Before you hit the road this Summer for your next car trip, let PopSugar Summer School teach you a few lessons from our all-time favorite road trip movies! Check out everything from dangerous hitchhikers to creative ways to power up your car — here's our take on the must-see road trip movies for Summer.

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Welcome to PopSugar Summer School. I'm Molly Goodson. And I'm Lauren Turner. And today, we're suggesting some classic road trip movies that you should watch this summer. Plus, we're gonna teach you some very viable lessons to them. So, pay attention. There will be plays later. Push . All right. Here we go. Push. Little Miss Sunshine is one of those movies that was an instant classic as soon as it came out. It really was. And you know what? This family did not let a little thing like a stalled car get in the way of all those Little Miss Sunshine Pageant dreams. Go honey. Come on. So maybe the lesson here is that if you're gonna take a road trip, make sure your car works first. But even if it doesn't, you can still get there. Right, maybe save a little bit of gas. Get some exercise while you're on it. And I'll say, "Ladies, Gentlemen. Let's see who's surprised on keeping their cool." Simon Says, "Everybody down." Who could forget the road trip in Thelma and Louise, the movie that put Brad Pitt on the map? Right. So Thelma and Louise's road trip ends up not being not so fun. You think that it's taken a turn when they pick up Brad Pitt but then he steals all of Louise's life savings. But at least Thelma gets a night with Brad Pitt. Well, maybe a night darling, but you're the one stealing my heart. I think the lesson here ladies is that if you're going to pick up a mysterious hitchhiker, make sure he's hot. Like Brad Pitt hot and don't settle for anything less. Next up is the Dumb and Dumber road trip to Aspen where the beer flows like wine. I mean sitting in a dog car, I think we can agree this one's a classic. I think we can. So Lloyd and Harry are on their way to Aspen with a briefcase full of money to return to Lauren Holly's character. And then when they get close, Lloyd takes a long turn and they drive for a really long time in the complete opposite direction. I expected the Rocky Mountains to be a little rockier than this. I was thinking the same thing. That John Denver's full of, man. I think the lesson here is if you're going somewhere you know nothing about, maybe you should invest in a map. And if you're going to take a nap, you should probably make sure that your driver knows where he's going. how do you know when it;s kicked in? I am a golden god. For all the aspiring rock stars, writers and band aids there's Almost Famous. It's a a must see for any music loving road tripper. Now in this movie, a young music writer goes on tour with a band and along the way, they stop a random high school party and one of the guys in the band takes some drugs and it doesn't go so well. "I am a drunken god!" Things get crazy. If you don't be caught standing on a roof at 2 am screaming, "I am a golden god," then you should probably stay away from random people's parties. But if you do, have fun but be careful. 2460 miles just for a little Roy Wally entertainment. The moose says you're closed, I say you're open. Let's be honest, no road trip is more epic than the Griswold family's cross country drive to Wally World in National Lampoon's Vacation. There are lots of life lessons in this one, but the biggest perhaps is when they finally get there after a series of mishaps, Wally World is closed for repairs. So sad. Life was so hard before the internet. We're not really violent people, this is our first gun. No, it isn't. You know how they say life's about the journey and not the destination? If you're going on a road trip, maybe you should research your destination first. Or maybe call ahead, or Google it. Our final road trip lesson comes from a movie with many different types of transportation: planes, trains, and automobiles. This is a can't-miss. It takes place during Thanksgiving but it's still a great watch for anybody heading out on the road this summer. So, their plane plans get derailed, the train break down, and when they finally get in the car what happens? John Candy goes and lights a fire with his own cigarette. Are you mad at me? Cigarettes are very dangerous. end driving off anyway even though there's no roof and there are literally pieces of the car falling off on the road. Sounds like the worst way to road trip ever. So, the lesson one is respect your ride, people. It's kind of an important part of the trip. And also, don't get into a burning car. Ev It's probably really hot in there. So that's our list. Which road trip would you like to have gone on? I would go on a trip with the Griswold family any day. I gotta go with Almost Famous. It looked epic. Thanks so much for watching popsugars summer school, we hope you picked up some tips for your next road trip. And added a few summer movies to must watch list. Safe travels and thanks for watching.

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