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Who Is the Real Gossip Girl (Video)

Video: Has Gossip Girl Finally Been Revealed?

The 100th episode of Gossip Girl packed in plenty of surprises, but none more shocking than the potential reveal of Gossip Girl herself. Find out who might be behind the site in PopSugar Rush.

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OMG — we may have just learned Gossip Girl's true identity! Hey there, I'm Karli Bulnes and here are the three most shocking moments from Gossip Girl's 100th episode: 3. Blair's Mom Asks Chuck to Stop the Wedding "So are you coming to stop this thing or what?" It was super surprising to see Blair's mom actually encouraging Chuck Bass to stop her daughter's wedding, though after Eleanor saw how nervous Blair was to walk down the aisle to Prince Louis, she knew it was the right thing to do. 2. Dan Rescues the Runaway Bride "This was the only car with the key in it./It's fine, just go." After the ceremony, and after Louis told his new wife that their marriage would be nothing more than a business arrangement, it sounded like Blair was calling Chuck to come to her rescue, but it turned out Dan was the man to get the getaway car for the runaway bride. 1. XOXO, Georgina? "you know you love me, XOXO, Gossip Girl." And finally, the show left us with the biggest cliffhanger of all — Georgina posting a blast as Gossip Girl! Could it be that she's been behind the site all along? This show's been on for five years and this is the first time we've had such a big clue about who Gossip Girl really is, though knowing Georgina, this could just be her latest plot to take down Blair and the Upper Eastside gang. Next week's preview mostly shows Blair on the run with Dan, but I'm hoping we get more insight into Georgina's connection to Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl airs Monday nights at 8 on The CW.

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