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Wilmer Gets Fashionable

We haven't seen much of Wilmer on-screen since That '70s Show was canceled, but maybe that's because he has so many other projects going on. We know he was in Miami over NYE, hosting a party and making nice with his exes and now he's trying his hand in fashion design. Page Six reports:

DNR reports the host of "Yo Momma" and Miami club parties is "setting his sights on the young men's fashion market." Valderrama, who has club circles whispering that he's re-hitched with his ex, Mandy Moore, plans to launch a "Latino-inspired" men's label called Calavena this year.

It seems like every celebrity has a clothing line these days, but we think maybe Wilmer should leave this one to the professionals and get back into acting! In the meantime, for more of Wilmer taking a stroll in Miami and posing for pics with fans


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