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Winona Rides Back Into the Spotlight

We've been hoping for the Winona Ryder comeback for a while, eagerly checking in on her making her movies (I'm especially excited about The Ten) and keeping track of her appearances. Judging from the August cover of Vogue, Miss Winona may be ready for her next big break. I must say, I love it! But first, she's got a few things to say about that whole infamous shoplifting incident. In her words:

"The attention was what was embarrassing. It was the December after Sept. 11. … So much attention was being paid to me, when we had just been attacked, and there was all this really important news going on. Two months prior to that, I broke my arm in two places, and the doctor … was giving me a lot of stuff (Oxycodone, not to be confused with OxyContin), and I was taking it at first to get through the pain. And then there was this weird point when you don't know if you are in pain but you're taking it. Have you ever taken painkillers? It isn't a reckless (state), like you're out of your head. It's just confusion."

As I said, I'm excited for the comeback, but I'm hoping she's not forced to rehash this in every interview along the way. I'd much rather hear her reminisce about Heathers or Mermaids, right?

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