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The final season of The Hills starts this evening on MTV, and it's sure to be full of the beauty, gadgets, and fashion that made the series so memorable. There are plenty of reasons to tune in, but Lauren Conrad isn't one of them. Kristin Cavallari addressed rumors of LC's return during her bikini pool party in Vegas over the weekend, saying she would love to see the show's original star come back during their final run. You guys seemed to be pretty much over Heidi, Kristin, and Audrina's drama, but tell us — would you watch if Lauren returned?

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babymodz babymodz 6 years
sometimes, it's just best to end the whole thing - & i seriously think The Hills has reached it's end. i like the show when LC was on, but to have her come back ... that's kinda weird since she was the one who decided to leave it in the first place.
LisaLockhart LisaLockhart 6 years
Yea it was dumb of them to just add krisitin in the show when she had nothing to do with the other cast members or story line. It's funny how as soon as Lauren left and Kristin joined that the show got cancelled! Lol, smart one MTV
sabrina27 sabrina27 6 years
The show sucks so much now and I wouldnt watch even if someone paid me
redchick152 redchick152 6 years
they should have just ended The Hills when LC left and then started a new show for Kristen. It was just way too hard to watch when the producers just switched the two girls and expected LC's friends to all love Kristen and the show to have the same dynamic. i was a fan of The Hills at the beginning. LC might be boring, but at least she is fairly "normal"...despite being rich and on tv!
I am not a fan of Kristin, but I do feel she's more 'real' than the other cast members right now. I have to agree with reilly'smom - Lo and Audrina trying to act concerned about Kristin just doesn't work. Lo had to remind Audrina that Kristin was their friend several times.
ymama ymama 6 years
I agree with reilly's mom
dnye dnye 6 years
I have been sucked in and unfortunately can't stop even if I wanted to. But I would definitely like it better if Lauren was back even for one show. I realized I miss her being on it. But I also don't think there's any real concern with saving the's over.
sabrina27 sabrina27 6 years
I miss LC on the show so much
los-angeles-1 los-angeles-1 6 years
NO- you couldn't pay me to watch it even if George Clooney was in it
ilanac13 ilanac13 6 years
i'll watch it anyway, but if lauren was back on the show - that would make me even more inclined to tune in.
AbbyHintz AbbyHintz 6 years
I agree with reilly's mom -- I don't mind Kristin and can even suspend reality to believe some of the fakery. But expecting me to believe a pairing of Kristin w/Lauren's friends is too much. It is so unnatural.
reilly'smom reilly'smom 6 years
See, I like the Hills with Kristin. I don't like the Hills with Kristin and Lauren's friends. That definitely seems forced. I do like the Kristin/Brody relationship, even if its just friendship. They seem cool with each other. I would like the Hills if it was Kristin/Brody and their friends. Kristin w/ Lauren's friends doesn't seem natural at all.
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