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Yooooooooow, Kelly Clarkson!

Just Admit it. You love Kelly Clarkson. You can't get Since U Been Gone out of your head and you know all the words to Breakaway. You got a huge laugh when Steve Carell's character in 40 Year Old Virgin screamed her name while being waxed. The original American Idol has become a huge success and is about to kick off her summer tour. We are giving away tickets each week so click here to learn more. You know ya wanna.

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elainesnowden elainesnowden 9 years
I adore Kelly and FYI about the outfit... She won some woman of the year thingy in a Rock mag and this was what they dressed her up in for the shoot. I'm thinkin' her waist is more down to a corset than photoshop to be honest, cause it's looking a bit unnatural here. I love what she wears in her videos... Since U Been Gone etc. I'm the same height and if I'm having a 'heavy-day', a few pounds either way makes a huge difference. Oh yeah, and the photos of her in the bikini? As far as I recall, none of them were from the side, so how you guys could tell she was heavy is beyond me. The girl's got curves, she's not a frickin' stick.
RustyAngel73 RustyAngel73 9 years
I absolutely love her. She's got an amazing voice and catchy songs with great lyrics. Fame has't got to her head either which is great.
jetset_vince jetset_vince 9 years
She is like a mix of Hillary Duff and Kelly Osbourne Honestly, I don't like her
punkpie punkpie 9 years
I think Kelly's a cutie pie and she deserves success... I'm just hoping and praying it doesn't go to her head.
Scraps Scraps 9 years
I voted for her to win American Idol, I've always liked her. BUT I do not like one of her songs. Yes, she's a good singer, but I can't listen to her songs. Maybe because I've heard them way too many times.
Luna13 Luna13 9 years
Shes very down to earth, apperance and character, lets hope hollywood fever doesnt get to her. But im sure it will it catches up with everyone after a while......
princess_dork princess_dork 9 years
I love Kelly clarkson, I think she's the most successfull of all the other AI winners. She's very talented. I love it that she's not that thin, and i don't think she cares when people call her chubby, etc.
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 9 years
Love Kelly,.....but I am not digging this look at all. Why do these chicks loose their wholesomeness which we fall in love with as soon as they become successful?
Padraigin Padraigin 9 years
She's talented and her songs are catchy. But sometimes it looks like her tongue is too big for her mouth and that scares me.
malibu-stacey malibu-stacey 9 years
do you think those stockings were ripped like that when they gave them to her to put on, or do you think she was in a terrible accident on the way to the set?
PrincessPixie PrincessPixie 9 years
dont normally think shes hot but she's got my engines running in this picture! rrrrrrrrrrr!
My-Opinion My-Opinion 9 years
"Because of you" says sooooooooooooo much about me, I love it!
ethiopian_princess ethiopian_princess 9 years
I didn't before, but her song "walk away" is great. Love it. I will be singing it at some tacky karaoke bar some day.
La-Reina La-Reina 9 years
I heart Kelly because she is so real. She hasn't sold her sould to the devil of fame yet.
SassyJoy SassyJoy 9 years
Yeah babsee thats true. i remember reading when she won that they wanted her to lose some weight. as if she needs to. her body is awesome! also LOVE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW!!!
babsee babsee 9 years
the girl can sing~~ but why all the focus on her size? no wonder women are neurotic about it.
t0xxic t0xxic 9 years
I can only imagine an all popsugar audience lol wed have a ball!
SassyJoy SassyJoy 9 years
Kelly is HOTT!! I think that the Idol franchise should just giv up cos I dont think they find a better Idol in any country. Pop, can I please win the tickets and would you mind vouching for the plane ticket aswell...hehe ;) I would so love to come over there and like Mal said, we should all meet up and go!!
malibu-stacey malibu-stacey 9 years
POP fans should band together and go to the concerts as a group! how fun would that be?! :)
ann_fancy ann_fancy 9 years
bluediesel you seem to be everywhere! You were in proactiv and now kelly clarkson!? How come?
malibu-stacey malibu-stacey 9 years
hey lacoste -- maybe you'll win the sweeps!! :)
lacoste1 lacoste1 9 years
OH. MY. GOSH. What I would do to go to a Kelly Clarkson concert. HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!
ann_fancy ann_fancy 9 years
For some reasons I hate her
mutley mutley 9 years
I am perfectly happy to be in the minority. I don't think she photographs that great and I don't like her voice or her music. I just don't get the hoopla.
MissSixty1 MissSixty1 9 years
i love kelly too <3
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