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maerob maerob 6 years
i love you Megan!!!!!!! hate his husband!!!!!!!!!!
mlicairac mlicairac 6 years
She looks horrible now. Why would such a beautiful girl do that? You know where you can REALLY see a difference is in the new Eminem video. I mean wow! Not even the same face from Jennifer's Body. So very sad! Wish her the best though...
ckeller825 ckeller825 6 years
I think she's beautiful as well. It's just her upper lip that bothers me. Regardless, this pic is adorable and it looks like Brian Austin Green is being goofy. I love them together.
Stewson Stewson 6 years
I wish her and her husband the best!
white-rabbit149683 white-rabbit149683 6 years
^I disagree.She was beautiful when she started.Now it's getting really weird.And you can see the fake.For me Portman,Knightley,Bellucci are beautiful.For teenage boys though...
kh312 kh312 6 years
i like her, and yes i do think shes had work done, but there are many others who have had work done and it turned out awful. megan on the other hand is one of the most beautiful people in hollywood IMHO.
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