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rachcakesxsays rachcakesxsays 6 years
She looks so cute here!
sabrina27 sabrina27 6 years
She looks great, but she cannot pose on the red carpet to save her life.
SofiaNYC SofiaNYC 6 years
OMG I thought it was Kristin for a hot second!!
britracefan britracefan 6 years
"well, that's one way to make your hips look big" Well I'd hate to see what my hips look like sheesh! she's like a size 4 cmon people! And we wonder why little girls are starving's because of people like you!
sugarrr sugarrr 6 years
yeah me too! she needs to stop with the extensions!
lulu88 lulu88 6 years
wow i thought this was kristin too!
CuteDimples CuteDimples 6 years
FUNNY! I think she looks like Kristin too. Actually, at first, I thought this was Kristin C.
amylauren706 amylauren706 6 years
she really does look like kristin in this pic! & I'm not so sure I like the outfit
Martini-Rossi Martini-Rossi 6 years
she looks great
lovelystate lovelystate 6 years
LC, please try a new pose!
miz_ayet miz_ayet 6 years
she looks thinner, but healthy looking thin
chanel-aholic chanel-aholic 6 years
I think she looks like Kristin in this photo.
silly3 silly3 6 years
well, that's one way to make your hips look big