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Alannah Alannah 8 years
I've never thought she was pretty but this just cements it! Why would you think this looks good?! All that money and she ends up looking this bad... I will never understand.
syllie25 syllie25 8 years
Her nose is white... So Weird. Chistina used to be so pretty, now she just looks like a joke. Too bad.
JennyMcKay5 JennyMcKay5 8 years
That's my haircolor! lol but i put in dark streaks cause mine tended to go green when dirty lol Make-up? I like it! :D it's her style, just let her be happy with it. She's a saggie, always needs a comfort zone that sets her appart.
miriah15 miriah15 8 years
does she not see photos of herself?
Electric-Bird Electric-Bird 8 years
What a clown. :rotfl:
anaid anaid 8 years
her hair is green!
Jenny86 Jenny86 8 years
She's a naturally beautiful girl, so I don't know why she cakes on the makeup. It makes her look cheap and like a $10 hooker.
natyta natyta 8 years
she looks awful!!
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