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Yayoi4 Yayoi4 7 years
I don't really like the way that Heidi was, neither Audrina. I love Lauren and Whitney!
resamac resamac 8 years
Awe. So cute. Three pretty girls. Who's the trash on the left? Just kidding... but seriously. she looks trashy. and yes Audrina made it a bit much but I still love her. AT least she didn't make the hooker face like Heidi...
ABBYmarieLOVE ABBYmarieLOVE 8 years
why does heidi have to be the one dumbing it up. really cute, would of been cuter if it was all in jeans!
cosmogirl cosmogirl 8 years
Holy shit! Alot of people commented this pic. I think LC looks the best...
untitled1 untitled1 8 years
citizenkane I think you mean Lauren and Whitney, if that's the case, then yes they look the best.
tiffykat tiffykat 8 years
i have a degree in graphic design - you can tell that heidi wasn't even there during the photo shoots...she's been photoshopped into all of those photos!
celeb_obsessed25 celeb_obsessed25 8 years
Evryone BUT Heidi looks good. She tries WAY too hard. I think Whitney looks the cutest :)
MiaRose MiaRose 8 years
I agree with everyone else, when i first saw these pics i thought that in all of them Lauren and Whitney are the cutest! Just goes to show you that you don't have to be trashy to get ahead! I guess it works for some people but i appreciate that Lauren and Whitney have not compromised. :)
Bella73 Bella73 8 years
I am so sick of LC's behaviour. It lloks like on purpose she makes Heidi feel uncomfortable in the pictures. She needs to grow up and realize she is not the center of the universe.
katt0911 katt0911 8 years
lc and whitney look so cute
jnm9jem jnm9jem 8 years
oops heidi***
jnm9jem jnm9jem 8 years
of course... heidi has her shirt pulled up again. yes hedid, you have a good body, but you look like you are trying too hard and your face looks like a horse :]
britracefan britracefan 8 years
Heidi looks foolish! Lauren - the best Whitney - the right shape Audrina - looks great!
motherof3 motherof3 8 years
I think Lauren is the only one who looks good in this picture. Whitney looks awkward.
Tnkrbelli Tnkrbelli 8 years
Are they still in high school?!?!! By the way they all act they seem to be. Ughhh.... :SICK: :SICK: :SICK: :SICK: This is crazy that they are even let near a Rolling Stone, let alone be featured on the cover.
lily8206 lily8206 8 years
So far Heidi and Audrina are 2/2 on upping the hoochie factor in these pictures. Ugh I can't stand Heidi.
dudenha87 dudenha87 8 years
people can someone explain me... heidi and lauren are friends again?!?!?!??!
popularsugar popularsugar 8 years
Based on the body language of the group photos, you can tell that Heidi does not fit in with the trio, whom link arms or in some way connected to each other. I wonder if that was done on purpose?
Mandy210 Mandy210 8 years
Once again, Heidi looks like she just jumped into the picture. AKA photoshopped in.
yadiet yadiet 8 years
Whitney looks the cutest
emeraldeyes17 emeraldeyes17 8 years
what a gprgeous picture...lauren, audrina and whitney look soo pretty Heidi on the otherhand, not so good!
incheto incheto 8 years
where is LO and why are they on rolling stones cover??????
sabrina27 sabrina27 8 years
Lauren and Whitney are by far the best looking. I actually think Lauren is prettier than Whitney at least in these photos. Lauren has the prettiest features, she is so marsha brady
cassee cassee 8 years
Aren't there stylists during photoshoots though? So, aren't they the ones dressing them up like this? As much as I hate Heidi, she never really is SEXIFIED on the show or anything. I mean, when she's going around with the po-pos she looks stupid, but she doesn't dress ridiculous like this. RIght?
bchicgrl bchicgrl 8 years
Heidi looks awful in the picture, the others look all cute and playful and then there's Heidi tsk tsk tsk Why wasn't Lo included in these or even Stephanie, they are both part of the show in big ways now.
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