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5 years
still hot.he should av been my boyfriend at 15
Jess8902 Jess8902 6 years
I think he looks skinny too, viivaglam.. still cute.
chaotic chaotic 6 years
ooh i like that cover, the colors GQ used are pretty. haha. and shia doesn't hurt either
viivaglam viivaglam 6 years
it kinda looks like he's getting reeeeallllly skinny :S
roor roor 6 years
hot! in that dazed and confused way.
Keaton7655 Keaton7655 6 years
At first glance, I thought he looked a little bit like James McAvoy. Shia's really come along way since his goofy kid looks in Holes! He's adorable!
catfsh34 catfsh34 6 years
kind of awkward that he has the same facial expression in every pic =-o but i'm still a fan :-)