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MrsO9706 MrsO9706 8 years
I agree with simplyfancy, we have no knowledge of what type of relationship he holds with his other 3 children. All I can say is that the currents ones will receive all the attention and love, only because they live with him, but that is how life is huh! I am happy for the both of them.
simplyfancy simplyfancy 8 years
I don't know the guy but if there's one thing I'm pretty positive about it's Jennifer is the greatest love of his life. It's to their children's benefit that he's married to her. I would only think he'll be there more for his current children than with his other children seeing that they do not live with him. Sucks for them. If I were his 3 other kids, I'd feel a bit cheated. Either way, it's not our business.
mguz03 mguz03 8 years
I've never seen him with his other kids...
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