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Bryah-Darnell Bryah-Darnell 3 years
I think people expect too much from the celebs...Put yourself in their shoes, i doubt that you'll be able to keep up with their standards and you'll be as perfectly shaped as JLO 4months after twins.
Bryah-Darnell Bryah-Darnell 3 years
Go Binkie love your comeback bub...You got and love it then flaunt it baby.
5 years
Best Zoloft Price Many people who are depressed become this way because of diet problems or lack of exercise.
binkie binkie 6 years
I just love what she has a two piece on, she is just a confident woman>>>don't be hatin!! If you feel you don't need to hide anything heck show it off..who the hell cares, cuz it's none of your business anyways!
mackat mackat 6 years
Ok. We know she had a baby, but there is no crime in wearing a one piece until you've worked off the weight. Marc Anthony is freakish! Looks like Jack Sprat and his wife!
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