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Bryah-Darnell Bryah-Darnell 5 years
I think she looks pretty great considering shes just had twins...And yea she is lucky to have all the $$$ to be able to hire a personal trainer, the right meals and so forth...But then again it is your own fault that you have nil...You can do it the cheap way, by, watching what you eat, doing regular exercise...Like everyone else JLo just simply wants to keep her figure in shape so does something about her only advantage is the that she has the $$$ but i think otherwise...You dont need the $$$ to be able to keep fit and slim you just gotta make use of what you have.
MrsO9706 MrsO9706 8 years
Shucks I would look like that as well if I had a personal trainer kicking my butt 2407, a cook to cook the right meals and cut the fat out, plus $$$ to buy it all, let's not forget about that number 1 FACTOR. All in all she does look great, but as stated who wouldn't.
lulita lulita 8 years
Mamita Mamita 8 years
Her belly looks like mine!! I have a six month old!
Audrey1974 Audrey1974 8 years
Her belly is cute!
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