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Bonneau Bonneau 8 years
Their daughter is not cute. Her hair looks like it's part of some kind of costume and WTF is she wearing??? It looks like something out of Fright Night. She looks like she should be sweeping the back porch with those shoes on and the belt doesn't even match any of the people standing there. They all look ridiculous.
spaghetina spaghetina 8 years
I know I'm not supposed to hate on kids, but there is not a more obnoxious looking family, kids included, than this one. These children have entirely TOO much attitude, and their parents condone and seem to even encourage it. That little boy needs to be backhanded for that outfit and pose alone. I've NEVER liked Jada, and while I used to love Will back in the Fresh Prince days, the humbleness he used to have is so poorly faked now that he might as well just act the cocky bastard that he really is.
dodiemcp dodiemcp 8 years
So nice of Will Smith to take out his first son.