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1. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is your 2011 Popsugar 100 number one! This A-list star is at the top of the his game with Spring blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, which has already made over $800 million at the box office worldwide. It was the end of an amazing 12 months for Johnny, who also scored two Golden Globe nominations for his work in both The Tourist and Alice in Wonderland. The devoted family man also spent tons of time with his kids and partner, Vanessa Paradis, between his movie projects, like the critically acclaimed Rango. The big-hearted actor even surprised a classroom of kids in full Jack Sparrow costume, proving that this is the kind of star who deserves the top spot. Congrats, Johnny!

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ndmoore ndmoore 5 years
@hazelberry....... WHAT?!
hazelberry hazelberry 5 years
They both (Pattinson, Depp) don't like to what's the point?
lovingjdepp lovingjdepp 5 years
I love Johnny and I don't know why Rob's fans always blame Johnny you should accept that he's one of the best actor of our generation . and Johnny deserves every award. Johnny is admired by men and women across the world .. almost evreyone loves him more than Rob such as when the award were annouced and Johnny was the winner , everyone standing -ovation for him . he recieves lot of respect . But when the award went to Rob , he didn't recieve the respect as much as Johnny ... So all of Rob's fans must accept this list
Natje9999 Natje9999 5 years
I'll prefer Johnny before Rob any time! Rob isn't goodlooking at all and Johnny is a real man!
ndmoore ndmoore 5 years
Johnny is 5'10." That's not short.
LuniaFloria LuniaFloria 5 years
I love Johnny Depp. Rob Pattinson: No thanks, I'll pass.
tatou tatou 5 years
Don't get me wrong, I like Johnny Depp, but... he's a short man, he's like 48 years old and looking like someone in his thirties!! It doesn't seem natural to me anymore. I think that all fans of Rob were too busy to vote for the MMA and forgot to vote for this poll lol. And many of them are more and more convinced that these titles aren't that good for his career. Rob needs to be known for his acting shops, not for his good looks. Johnny doesn't have to prove nothing anymore, Rob does.
Jamie-Roy Jamie-Roy 5 years
Amazing, love the way this came out!
tarshier tarshier 5 years
yay! Rob and Kristen in top 10!!!
meowhubbs meowhubbs 5 years
umm... WHERE is Shakira??
ndmoore ndmoore 5 years
Johnny has no equal.
JennyV12 JennyV12 5 years
wow ian won for favorite vampires and werewolves!! i love him and he deserve it!!! but where the hell is shia labeouf??!!
Makrciana Makrciana 5 years
Johnny!! YAY!!
1389422 1389422 5 years
okay we get it Johnny can we cool calm and collected without even trying. But it's enough of this not showering smother in dirt clothes from the homless shelter look. Rob deserves number 1 no if ands or buts about it
chile68 chile68 5 years
Rob my number one!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!:)
Go2Girl Go2Girl 5 years
Johnny, always so cool without even trying.
SHERYL-la-Mode SHERYL-la-Mode 5 years
twmmy twmmy 5 years
It's a funny thing. In Sexiest thing Rob is the 1st. In All time Fav's Rob is the 5th....The other categories Rob wasn't nominated... So, what are we talking about? Though I like JD, but I like more - Rob.
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