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Ioa Ioa 7 years
He's so cute!
hills hills 7 years
i think there was prob a lot of paps there and they must be fed up with them trying to get a picture of their baby. gorgeous family, hope they are happy.
MyGuiltyPleasure MyGuiltyPleasure 7 years
Yeah looks like he's trying to tune her out...yikes
tagen22 tagen22 7 years
Man, he looks gorgeous here!!
iman41 iman41 7 years
My boyfriend doesn't look like that unfortunately!!!! :-) That is a beautiful baby, no wonder, with parents like that!!!
weirdy weirdy 7 years
hahahhaha.. that's the exact look my boyfriend has when i yell at him.. looks like they're "normal" in that sense..
qteepie qteepie 7 years
She looks pissed off at him