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2. Leo Had a Hard Time Saying the N-Word Over and Over Again

Jamie Foxx and Samuel L. Jackson revealed that Leo struggled with playing an evil, racial epithet-spewing slave-owner. Leo said that he had asked the cast, "Do we need to go this far at times? Does it need to be this violent? Does he need to be this atrocious to other human beings?" But Leo said that Jamie and Sam told him that if he didn't push his character to the limit, people would resent him.

Jamie had a different take on Leo's struggles, revealing that at one moment during rehearsals, Leo started to feel overwhelmed by his character's hate-spewing. According to Jamie, Sam came up to Leo, put his arm around him, and said, "Listen motherf***er, this is just another Tuesday for us." At this point, the whole room erupted into laughter.

It's also worth noting that Leo was tired throughout the conference since he had been filming The Wolf of Wall Street all weekend — but he was still perfectly charming.

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