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In 2001, Nelson Mandela told Oprah how he changed his life after time in prison:

"When I reached Johannesburg in the 1940s, I was neglected by my family because I had disappointed them — I'd run away from being forced into an arranged marriage, which was a big blow to them. In Johannesburg, many people were kind to me — but when I finished my studies and qualified as a lawyer, I got busy with politics and never thought of them. It was only when I was in jail that I wondered, 'What happened to so-and-so? Why didn't I go back and say thank you?' I had become very small and had not behaved like a human who appreciates hospitality and support. I decided that if I ever got out of prison, I would make it up to those people or to their children and grandchildren. This is how I was able to change my life — by knowing that if somebody does something good for you, you have to respond."