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Laugh it Up

Lucky girls chat it up with Rob while Kristen's attention is all about the guy in front of her.

Image Source: Splash News Online
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6 years
It's been reported that they were drunk off their a**es that night. She certainly looks it here. Which is fine and perfectly legal in British Columbia. So....maybe that's why they were close? I remember being drunk back in college - you know of lose all perception of personal space!
6 years
That guy in front of her is named Mark, and he's sort of Sam Bradley's manager.
6 years
Mark Spicoluk (the guy talking to kristen) is part of the record Label Underground Operations! You guys should check them out.. they have some great bands including Protest the Hero and Lights
6 years
That guy isn't her brother.. his name is Mark Spicoluk....
6 years
those blond girls are sam bradley's sisters, this was all going on backstage.
6 years
The guy in front is her brother not Jackson
6 years
that "guy in front of her" is jackson!!
6 years
this is so stupid. there are only two pictures of them close to each other. the others they are feet away and talking to different people. they are at a concert. have you ever tried to have a conversation at a concert. its loud. you can't hear. you have to yell in people's ears. you can always make something of nothing; especially with pictures and convincing captions. why can't people just wait until they announce that they are together. if they are together that is. why would they lie? i really don't get it at all.
TheCuttiex TheCuttiex 6 years
lol love your comment Wardtm
wardtm wardtm 6 years
It's so nice to see together having fun without anyone really bothering them. Good Luck R/K on your New Found Love without the distractions: FAKE BF: Mike/Summitt/NIKKI Keep the movie HOTT!!
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