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The men cannot get enough of Kristen.

Image Source: Splash News Online
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5 years
oh maayaan, robert is SOOO thinking that knows only HE can get with kristen XD those guys can try all they want but nothing will get in between R+K ! :D CANT WAIT FOR NEW MOOOOOOON ! EEEKKK!
6 years
He really wants kristen to be happy.. such a nice guy.
sophieclaire sophieclaire 6 years
aww thats cute that he looks like hes checking on her to see if shes okay. even if hes jealous thats still dead cuteeee! i love rob!
6 years
Oh my god who's the super cute drummer with the red headband?.....oh wait...ME
6 years
he's definitely jealous, that's a force smile on his face... oh that's sweet.
MaCeYk MaCeYk 6 years
he looks a bit jealous
6 years
it's all fun to see more to the pics i enjoying reading the fans' thoughts and insights... go robsten!
6 years
I think he(ROB) is a little jealous---he's trying not to show it. I hope they are dating. Kristen is not using MA's ring (on left finger) so hopefully.
PensaGrey PensaGrey 6 years
I think he is playing off his jealousy.
6 years
i think you all are digging too deep into the picture. i'm sure it's just a random shot of the two of them, and he just seems to be checking on her. it's not a huge deal.
6 years
kristen+robert !
6 years
Yeah Rob, make sure she is okay:]
6 years
that guy's totally hitting on kristen... shame on you boy... not when rob's around.... hahaha
nivradmitch828 nivradmitch828 6 years
guys..this is amazing..we scrutinize their every move and give meaning to it..hehehe..if he really is looking at her, then it is a cute move and it sent me to giggle too much..haha
6 years
I agree, rob was looking the boys who´s kristen is talking =)
estella241 estella241 6 years
I love how hard those guys are trying to flirt with her.
cullengirl1989 cullengirl1989 6 years
he is all lokking to see who she is talking too its so cute
6 years
OMG. could rob get any hotter?.. this guy is absolutely gorgeous
6 years
I think he is enjoying seeing Kristen get more attention than him and loving it! It seems to me that he is laughing about it.
6 years
rob looks like he is peeking around the corner to see who she is talking to and if she is alright :)