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Tired Eyes

Robert covered up his face when he was done with all of the photographers' flashes as he left the festivities. Happy birthday, Rob!

huntedvampire huntedvampire 5 years
putang ina! she's not a b*tch! maybe you are sooo damn ugly that's why you are sooo damn jealous!
5 years
whos that ugly bitch on the back!?! oh its kristen ugh i knew it she looks like shit without makeup man idk why people think shes hot cuz just look at her man
5 years
he is one hot guy
5 years
Beutifull! Rob here in Brazil we LOVE u!!!! Te amo! (I love you!) s2
so_dipped_n_love so_dipped_n_love 5 years
lmaoooo hes so cute!
sophie-meas sophie-meas 5 years
He's so adorable here...he's like UHH! take me home, already. I wonder where they know to find him in a city of they follow him everywhere? If they do, that's crazy!!
cdelaney cdelaney 5 years
poor guy. he is a good sport with the constant paparazzi invasion. love him and his style...
rpattzobsessed rpattzobsessed 5 years
Yayoi4 Yayoi4 5 years
TheCuttiex TheCuttiex 5 years
RPazzFanNJ RPazzFanNJ 5 years
That is so cute. He's dressed up with a suit jacket on for his birthday. Happy Birthday, Rob!