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No Fangs Here

The man of the hour smiled for the photographers.

manequein manequein 5 years
love himmm.!!!!!!
RainyDays RainyDays 5 years
I'm sorry, that woman is NOT his mother. She is a fan, has a Twitter called RPattzNews. This is a pic of his parents (from the Ellen show):
5 years
YES she is his mom you can confirm with the London premier back in November where he was photograph with his parents the lady look a lot like his mom.....
sophie-meas sophie-meas 5 years
Great Face Rob! Love it!! How long are they in Vancouver for until they go to Italy to film?
jessmonkeybutt jessmonkeybutt 5 years
clearly it's not his mother. If it was, well I would have read about it somewhere that Rob's mother went to Vancouver, Canada to celebrate with Rob for his B-day. Which doesn't seem logical since Rob was most likely socially drinking with some of the cast for his B-day. Why WOULD his mom be there. I just think she one of those Twimoms. :)
beautifulmel beautifulmel 5 years
I love this pic!! Goofy face ftw!!
5 years
who is thath woman? is she rob's mother? some one plis answer me!!:)