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Cab Costars

It's becoming a familiar sight to see Robert and Kristen leaving a party in a taxi together.

Image Source: Splash News Online
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5 years
rob and kristen is the best ever couple in the entire universe they so cute especially when they are together... i love ROBSTEN...GO ROBSTEN GO....
elizabeth14 elizabeth14 6 years
that's his mum ans Kristen..and i think that they would make a sweet couple
6 years
nice .. that they have to admit q we finish the questions we want to get together .. where are the parents of Robert and she wants more evidence that she could have gone with our ashlee or not she went with her and robert admitalo!
6 years
mmmmmmmmm I wonder what Kris and Rob's mom are talking about??
sophie-meas sophie-meas 6 years
Ahh! Them two together again but this time with his parents!
6 years
Kristen in the back of the cab between his parents..can it be more official ??!! He looks so happy lately on the pictures...he s been waiting for this moment for a long time... They are so cute together !!
twilight37 twilight37 6 years
hey if anybody got pic of rob and kris together please post or please send to me here is my karen
6 years
How cute! Kristen is in the back sitting between Rob's parents! It is confirmed that they were there!:-) okay people, you have to admit, they are a couple for sure!! yeay!
StefTeamEdward StefTeamEdward 6 years
i love when rob and kristen are together... they just look so cute together and they seem like they have a lot in common
TheCuttiex TheCuttiex 6 years
He's such a Hottie :drool: lol im with you Bonfire!!! :faint:
Bonfire Bonfire 6 years
If I were Kristen I so would have used this crowded cab as an excuse to ride on Rob's lap!