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Michelle Williams

Current age: 34

Career at 20: Michelle Williams turned 20 in 2000, just before her fourth of six seasons on Dawson's Creek.

Relationship status at 20: Michelle Williams has stayed mostly quiet about her personal life over the years, but she was linked to Bright Eyes singer Conor Oberst around 2000.

Quoted: In 2010, Michelle discussed her Dawson's Creek years, saying, "I said to a friend [that] being on Dawson's Creek was kind of like being a mobster. You set up a shop selling pizza but in the back you're laundering money. You're doing one thing in plain sight and secretly plotting something else. I was plotting my tastes, my interests, my beliefs and hopes for what I could be . . . Yes, it was hard getting jobs I wanted. I was a pop tart. It took patience and baby steps. I did a play in New York that wasn't about being blonde, which led to a role in an HBO thing to a role in a British drama. As F. Scott Fitzgerald said, 'Gradually, then suddenly.'"

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