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The girls enjoyed their day out together.

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k00ky-kat k00ky-kat 5 years
AMEN to grace.
Britney-Simpson Britney-Simpson 6 years
SUch a nice picture!! =]
6 years
love how katie look here, she looks her age, and happy
mia-marie39 mia-marie39 6 years
i agree grace! you should not critize child no matter who her parents are. tom katie suri they are still people and deserve to be treated as such
GraceBeforeGreed GraceBeforeGreed 6 years
Katie Holmes is not only a credit to Tom Cruise but quite obviously a very caring and attentive parent. She seems to keep her composure though she is hounded by the press constantly. I only hope she and tom protect Suri from the Hollywood Child Syndrome and teach her that inner beauty is more important tnan money , fame or her face. Andspeaking of that face, she is not just beautiful but her face has a kindness in it and she appears to be bored with the whole celebrity hot seat. I wouldn't want to be Katie or Suri. Privacy becomes a treasure when it is invaded as is theirs. Have any of the posters ever heard the word "schadenfreude"? It means that people love to see others they feel more fortunate than themselves unhappy, messy, etc. It makes them feel better. Life is too short. No one's life is perfect, regardless of fame or fortune! Let Katie enjoy her life, such that it is and don't criticize a little girl! She is just that---a child and don't ever think her parent's money will bring automatic happiness. Everything has a price somewhere......... GraceBeforeGreed
6 years
Her shoes look ridiculous as well as her hair, and dress. Hair is a mess, dress is too big and shoes. How lame!
6 years
anonymous, you don't have to be here. you despise her so much that it made you color blind. her teeth are not yellow. get a grip of yourself.
6 years
6 years
i have a daughter and i buy shoes bigger than her actual size. that way, i save money.
6 years
Why does Suri always wear shoes that are two sizes TOO big?