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The Lip Bite

Kristen got us all hot and bothered at the MTV Movie Awards with her almost-kiss — clearly she has the lip bite mastered.

Image Source: Bauer-Griffin Online
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5 years
Bahaha. STUPID. She isn't trying to be sexy right there. LOL Notice the HAND. She probably had hair in her face.
nilem8 nilem8 5 years
^^ you just talk sh1t , FCUK OFF hater !!! She's NOT biting her lip , her teeth are just CLOSE to her lip NOT ON her lip . and i think that the photographer has told her to lay her head back or something while she was posing for a shot , that's why she didn't get her hair away from her eyes thinking that "it's what the photographer wants her to pose like" , then the photographer noticed that her hair was annoying her"as she seems in the pic" or he didn't want her face to be covered by her hair then he came to her to get it away .
6 years
first of all kristen would it kill you to get your hair out of your face. i mean with alll that money you'd think she had the good sense to buy a brush, instead running your hand through her kristen should really try not to run her hand through her hair, she could go bald.and the lip bite just made me laugh, hysterically.
glayseir glayseir 6 years
Kristen is stunning!!.. She has this natural beauty..
6 years
LOL i read some of ur comment said aah haha very funny but I beleive that photo person tell her to do so she follow their saying.. soo She still very very beautiful.. If Rob see that I bet Rob open his jaw over her, lol lol. Im so sorry I brough it up about Rob, forgive me..
addictCLOTHES addictCLOTHES 6 years
Rob Pattinson knows this facial expression very well ;)
marleenguillen marleenguillen 6 years
def not posing, her hair seems to be in the way, agree with nicedriveway
Monique91 Monique91 6 years
they werent taking the pic yet so ya and two do you think you can do better.. She is so F*&^% hot
6 years
poor girl...
lovexpeacexhope lovexpeacexhope 6 years
lo she looks in pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But she's still beautiful!!!!!!! Wonder if it's Rob Pattz hand- it would be cute if it was but very likely is NOT!!!! lol well one can dream!!!!!
6 years
6 years
Damn girl your drop dead gorgeous
6 years
To Jenny..please think before you write. Megan is a bit*ch. Thanks Driveway. anwyway she is so hot without even trying.
6 years
just remember this isn't a pic by the photographer.. but by paps...she's prolly feeling umcomfy with something... just imagine having your pics taken when you are not expecting it ...
6 years
uhmm.. thats just weird..
6 years
Uh I volunteer to help her get her hair out of her face. HOT!!!
Helen-Sparkles Helen-Sparkles 6 years
agree with nicedriveway...
Jjackie Jjackie 6 years
Hahahahahahahaha!!! KRISTEN STEWART is sexy naturally, she doesn t have to act to look sexy, it just comes naturally!!!!
jenis1 jenis1 6 years
LikeThoseShoes LikeThoseShoes 6 years
nice driveway - agreed... i dont think ANYONE makes that face in an attempt to be sexy
NiceDriveway NiceDriveway 6 years
Um, I don't think she's trying to be sexy here. In fact, it looks like she's trying to get the hair out of her face or something (note the hand in the picture obvi trying to help her out)
jenny_r jenny_r 6 years
I think she tries WAY too hard to be sexy. I mean, who besides Megan Fox makes faces like that?