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The Look

Girl knows how to make sex eyes.

Image Source: Bauer-Griffin Online
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stephxox stephxox 5 years
her eyes are so amazing
5 years
she's wayyyyy too gorgeous, sexy, hot, pretty, beautiful creature! :D
5 years
She is so sexy, simply beautiful.
5 years
i think she is so georgous! i know that the majority of the people that hate her, only hate her because they want to have that kind of unique beauty.....dont worry kristen they are just all jealous of you!
5 years
littlemissrandom littlemissrandom 6 years
i cant believe that she cutt off that hair she suits long brown hair better than jett black short hair
yadiet yadiet 6 years
she is soo beautiful! But I do not know why she is so shy and such a nervous wreak?
mdemariah mdemariah 6 years
AWESOME PICTURE. I love her look in this pic.
6 years
I like this pic. she looks gorgeous
6 years
This one is so pretty
6 years
Oh yeah shes so beautiful eyes and her expression face wow wow.. I can read her face expression.. Im not jealous Im happy for her and she did good job two thumbs up at her..keep it up Kristen..
6 years
WOW! She looks etherally sexy/hot here!!! Lucky gal!
marleenguillen marleenguillen 6 years
6 years
I love those EYES.. She is so SEXY!!!!!!
Monique91 Monique91 6 years
GOD DAMMMM ... omg she is fucking HOTTT she is so pretty.. *jealous*
lannielou8 lannielou8 6 years
she looks like avra l...
SKC-Sparkle SKC-Sparkle 6 years
She has beautiful eyes.
6 years
She is HOTTTT and SEXXXXY! Beautiful woman!!!!
6 years
6 years
lovexpeacexhope lovexpeacexhope 6 years
Kristen has gorgeous eyes- love them!!!!!!!!!! I love Robs eyes too they r absolutely mesmerising!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxx
6 years
She manages to look miserable in every picture taken of her. She's a pretty girl - and a mediocre actress - she should be smiling a lot more.
6 years
I have to say it looks like whoever is camera-left is about to haul off and punch her...
6 years
Yup..that is sex eyes alright.
6 years
HOT... thats all i can say