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Hold It

Yeah, you know this one by now.

Image Source: Bauer-Griffin Online
nilem8 nilem8 6 years
"eww she looks like a ghost" ... i think you are the ghost ... the ghost of JEALOUSY , you and the others who hate on her . Kristen Stewart's beauty's NOT about make up , photoshopping , good photographers ... It's a "NATURAL" Beauty !!!
Monique91 Monique91 6 years
Wow people are HaterZ... She is A GREAT actress and VERY VERY Talented.. I like her.. and Kristen Stewart your BangN Hott
naziazholesusuck naziazholesusuck 6 years
"ugly jaja its joke so be photogenic and girl learn to makeu p like this is easy just eyeliner" what in the h? hAAAAAA!