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Are We Done Yet?

Long day.

5 years
She looks amazing in this photo. I love this one a lot.
5 years
look. she is beautiful and they are telling her what to do next so she isnt even trying. ugh. so lucky!!
lannielou8 lannielou8 5 years
what with the costume?
5 years
great shot... is it just me or does she look like katherine moening?? i know i spelled that wrong but she plays shane on the L word...
5 years
All time a beauty: in Panic Room, Into the wild, Fierce People, Cutlass, In the land of women, The messengers, Twilight.. you name it... Beautiful princess, I dream about you!
5 years
5 years
definitely the best one
Jjackie Jjackie 5 years
Ok this is my fav!!! Seriously, guys!!! Have you seen her that sexy since she was a kid at PANIC ROOM MOVIE???? well, of course not, she was a kid....... HER HAIR CHANGED A LOT AND IT S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!
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