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Smoke Break

Kristen grabbed a cigarette before getting to work.

Image Source: Bauer-Griffin Online
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Chicagomarie Chicagomarie 5 years
I think smoking is one of the BIGGEST turn off ever, and is super unattractive. While I have no moral problem with smoking, I just think it's repulsive. Also, as some one with asthma with a severe reaction to second hand smoke, I avoid it at all costs. I HAVE been sent to the ER because of a careless smoker smoking outside of alloted zones (way to close to my work place entrance and blew smoke right in my face) that adds to my revulsion. Keeping you thin or not, so not worth it.
6 years
smoking is NOT sexy. does the twilight cast (all of them) smoke? hope not. hope it doesn't affect dakota and taylor cos they work with them too
yadiet yadiet 6 years
6 years
Nothing more unattractive than a pretty girl smoking. She is normally a VERY pretty girl. But this picture is a MAJOR turnoff.
6 years
What kind of shoes and pants are those? I like it! I really do hope that she stops smoking. She's still young!.. It's obvious that almost everyone who comment on this picture doesn't like that she smokes.I agree. She's making her life short!I almost like her for full package, but the smoking is in the way. But I'm just wondering how come her parents let this happen? Do they know? or is it because she's 19 which is considered an "adult", but Kristen keep up the good work!! don't forget to thank Him. take care of yourself because your/us fans doesn't like it when you smoke.
6 years
what kind of shoes, pants is that? I like it!! :) But I do (really!!!) Hope that she stops smoking. She's still young!! It's very obvious that almost everyone who comment on this picture doesn't like her smoking. I agree. I almost like her for full package, but her smoking is in the way! She's making her life short. right? But I'm just wondering, how come her parents allow this to happen? do they know? or is it because she's 19, which is considered "adult".
6 years
I really think its cool that she and rob smokes. it's really hot!
6 years
WOW!!! Are those Rob's shades???
6 years
what I dont understand is why they would even snap and post a photo like this? so she smokes, big deal, its her choice, but why take a photo of her with a cigg hanging out of her mouth? Leave her the hell alone and let the girl get a smoke break!
tealygirl598 tealygirl598 6 years
not to be 2 preachy - but, seriously, smoking is NOT sexy. she has to know (along w/the rest of the cast) that a LOT of young girls are looking up to them...kstew is a "role model" if you will. hopefully all those girls (and boys) who idolize twilight don't equivocate sexy with smoking. she's adorable - she could take up yoga for stress : )
6 years
yeah smoking is disgusting but maybe it helps her stay thin and relax??? just a thought... :)
lannielou8 lannielou8 6 years
6 years
I hope Taylor doesn't start smoking too, the whole cast already does.
lovexpeacexhope lovexpeacexhope 6 years
wow her foot looks better!!!! dnt like her smokin but i guess it's her choice!!!!!!!!
6 years
why why why?? she is so georgous in all her pictures and now when i turn to this one it had all just killed it. Thats one of the things I hate about the whole cast. Why do they have to smoke when they are so young. If they would like to live longer they should quit. It will KILL them and no you will not have a vampire by your side to help you live forever no matter the purpose. I love Twilight but there is no need to be stressful and kill you lungs for it - that goes for the cast- I love you all with all my heart but please i beg of you quit!...
6 years
i love kstew. just wish she'd stop smoking. totally going to affect her later on.
6 years
i do wish she stop smoking for her health and skin (her skin is so lovely ... pale and glowing ... )
6 years
Now this is why she's even sexier. She's the kind of girl you can chill with. Smokin hot one minute then totally down to earth the next.
6 years
Love her, she's very cool.
Bebo2526 Bebo2526 6 years
sham28 sham28 6 years
Better quit while you're young kiddo...
Debie Debie 6 years