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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson:
They call him The Rock for a reason, you know. Dwayne Johnson will trump the competition thanks to his brute strength, massive muscles, and winning grin (and eyebrows). He'll be the first guy that fellow tributes will want start an alliance with, because he can pick you up and carry you when you're weak and keep you warm during those cold nights in the cave; I would seriously just let him wrap me in cloth and carry me like an adult Baby Bjorn.

Lady Gaga:
The art of disguise will be Gaga's biggest strength in the Games — nobody will ever know where she is, because she can so easily blend into the trees, dirt, or jungle with her crazy costumes. Whether she smears herself with blood, makes a bikini out of shells, or just wears all of her weapons like a weird metal dress, Lady Gaga will succeed at not only being more creative than her fellow tributes but totally creeping them out, too.

— Britt Stephens, assistant entertainment editor

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