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Madonna and Christian Bale

"Madonna's tough, quick-witted, and doesn't pull any punches. She's also lasted four decades in the notoriously tough music industry, so in comparison, how hard can the arena really be? Plus, those biceps. Any time I'm suffering through a tough workout, I think to myself: What would Madonna do? Definitely not give up."

"Christian Bale's shown off an enviable, chiseled physique in movies from The Dark Knight to American Psycho, but he's also no stranger to deprivation. Remember how scary skinny he was in The Machinist? With his high tolerance for hunger, obvious capability to focus on an end goal, and the ability to sweetly sing his allies to sleep with a rendition of his Newsies hit "Santa Fe," I think Christian is a shoo-in."

Lindsay Miller, entertainment editor

Image Source: Getty