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5 years
Hey Madonna, How about helping some of the people in America? You know, the country that you are from! And the same country and people that made you what you are today!
6 years
why do you care? these rich celebrities have the money and they can! if you have the money, god only knows what you will do. But you would do the same, perhaps not in the same manner, forbid anything you will help someone. What difference does it make what she did in the past? You honestly think in your simple mindedness that she will open her naked book and show it to her kids? If you have done something in the past, would you tell your kids right off the bat the minute they understand? Keep your judgmental flip to yourself. We certainly can form our own.
6 years
Who do these rich celebrities think they are? They shop for children the way everyone else goes to the pound to pick out puppies. The comment from Mercy's father was so sad. Just because somebody has money does not make them a good parent. That child might not have all the material things Madonna can buy her living her parents but sounds like she did have love. I hate to think of all the things this poor child will be exposed to & see having Madonna for a mother. If I published a book with pictures of me naked and lived the kind of life Madonna has, what are the chances of me being allowed to apopt a child??? EXACTLY!!!